How to use:  MAP- gives you countries and for USA, UK, Japan and Puerto Rico can zoom to street level mapping - SATELLITE- gives satellite pictures which can be zoomed to various levels - UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrows move the land area covered in the viewer - Similar movement can be achieved by putting mouse on map and moving it while holding leftbutton down.  - + and - adjust the zoom level of the picture a step at a time - Similar movement can be achieved by using mouse to slide slider up and down. - Clicking on a marker will reveal some information about that marker - HAVE A GO YOU CANT GET LOST !! - To return the map to original state press Refresh (F5)

When you double-click on a marker then that mark becomes the centre of the picture for Zoom purposes -- also double-clicking on any spot on the map centres the map on that point for Zoom purposes - TRY IT.