The 2007 series of passages are summarised in the following chart: See Current Passage Chart .

These passages are also covered in GoogleMaps and are available at this link Google2007 (BROADBAND NEEDED).

Passages undertaken in 2005/06 are available at this link PassageHistory2005/06

  1. Caribbean cont'd --Travelled North from Grenada from late January. Reached Nevis early March via Mustique, Bequia, St Lucia, Martinique, Antigua. These passages were over ground already covered in 2006 but a move to St Martin (Martenn) in late March was new territory. Then moved onto the British Virgin Islands.

  2. A return to St Martin in late April was the first easterly step for over 18 months and represented the start of the return passage to UK. Plan is now to head to Bermuda and then cross the Atlantic again back to the UK. Distance to date in 2007 - around 700 nm.

  3. After provisioning and other preparations the major passage up to Bermuda (860M) began on 10th May and was completed on the 20th May after a short period waiting off Bermuda for weather to improve.

  4. Left Bermuda on 31st May for passage across Atlantic to UK. Due to weather issues a decision was made to call in at the Azores to replenish fuel and review ongoing routes to UK - arrival at Horta on the island of Faial due 16th June.


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