Google Maps (Broadband Needed)

For the present this is a test area of the capabilities of GoogleMaps customised to meet the purposes of this site. This capability is freely provided by Google ( if you can work out how to do it) as long as the site does not seek to sell any services. Firstly, an acknowledgement, to the Kika site for bringing this capability to our attention.

So what is a Google Map:- the whole world mapped to as detailed a level as currently available in terms of street level mapping and satellite pictures. Currently the UK and USA only are covered in terms of street level mapping and the quality of the satellite pictures varies across the world. Clearly the overall coverage will improve with time. You can move round the world using the mouse and adjust the level of Zoom as you wish.

Customisation:-the above capability can then be customised to individual requirements by the addition of markers to which additional customised information can then be added:

FSGooglemap (Broadband Needed)





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